The Hitchhiker

Although it’s illegal and unsafe… I have to admit that I enjoy picking up hitchhikers. Why? Because they usually have the best stories.

I have yet to pick up a hitchhiker that I have felt unsafe with. I have met some that are certainly a few shots short of a cappuccino (if you know what I mean) but most of the time, I meet some very intriguing people who are on a very awesome journey.

This morning as I was driving along the shore of Lake Superior I met a young man and his dog. They were heading south and I decide to pick them up. This young man looked very “portland”. His ears were gauged well over an inch and his septum had a large ring through it as well. He didn’t carry the aroma that most hitch hikers acquire… no, instead he just smelled of dirt. Like a guy who had been sleeping on the ground for a few days.

Sure enough, he had some cool stories for me on our 30 minute ride together. After growing up in Bakersfield, California he moved to Texas for a short stint, and one day he woke up and decided he wanted to begin traveling. From hitchhiking to train hopping, he began seeing the United States and Canada. He didn’t worry about places to stay or food to eat, he took life a day at a time and was caught up in the adventure of it all.

As we approached the parking lot where we would head our separate ways, he informed me that he really wants to settle down and do what normal people do, but every time he tries to fabricate a “normal” life, he gets anxious and wants to get out on the road again.

My friend Bob Goff recently said “Don’t let not knowing how it’ll end keep you from beginning.” I am always inspired by a good story. I enjoyed that my portland looking friend didn’t care about where he was headed nearly as much as enjoying the journey.

This statement though that Bob made rings incredibly true for many of us. We want to do big things with our lives, we want to live incredible stories, we want to change the world… but as we begin to put our plans into motion, we don’t know how it will end… so we never gain the traction to actually begin.

If you’ve been following everbound for a while now, you may know that we desire to be a non-profit who uses funds generated for global change. People have been asking us “what is your first project?” We honestly really wish we could give an answer. The idea for everbound has evolved several times, and while at an orphanage in Tijuana, we realized we wanted to create a company that can bring joy to the lives of those who have less.

So, here is our first project: Get financially stable!

A lot of money goes into starting up any company, and we are feeling the financial strain of getting grounded and established. As we begin to generate sales that pay off our initial investment, we will begin updating our blog readers, twitter followers and Facebook “likers” with our global initiatives. So please stay tuned. Keep following us on twitter and keep checking the blog for updates and stories.

Much like the hitchhiker I met, we [everbound] want to keep moving forward and enjoy the journey and obstacles as they arrive. We have never started a company before, so we are learning as we go, gaining new friends to help us along the way, all with big hopes and big dreams that someday we will be selling fashionable clothing that changes the lives of others thousands of miles away.

Too many people have great ideas for global change, but they never bring it to completion because they don’t know if it will work out in the end… The fear of not knowing how it will all come together keeps them paralyzed and they never even get started. We would love for you to check out our store, buy a shirt, and help us get financially stable as a company, but at the same time, we want to take a moment to give a shout out to those “other guys” who didn’t let fear stop them from getting off the ground. Go check these folks out!

These are just a few groups that didn’t worry about “will this idea even work?” and kept pursuing their dream of creating a better life for others.

You begin to realize that you are living life to the fullest when you are no longer living for yourself.

I don’t know where my hitchhiker friend is headed, but he keeps moving forward regardless of obstacles and embraces the journey. I knew when he jumped in my car that I would find some inspiration from his travels, and he inspired me to ignore obstacles, embrace the challenges, and to create and live an awesome story.

Thank you for reading our ramblings.
– everbound

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