Everbound is : Adventure

      The clothing line began as a few friends taking a leap of faith, setting aside their pride and coming to the conclusion that nothing in life is guaranteed & unless you take a risk to chase your dreams, you’ll only see them when you close your eyes. We decided we wanted more than blind dreaming, we wanted to pursue what we believed in, to turn our adventure to a dream worth living.  We also knew that there were less fortunate others in the world without the resources to even begin their journey. We wanted to spark a generation of adventure, and inspire life for those who lack the basics.

     The seed of Everbound was planted in the Fall of 2013, which at the time was only a passion but it began to grow in each of us. We started creating new ideas, designs, partnerships, friendships, and after encountering too many “coincidence”s, we decided it was time to pursue our dream. By June 2014 we released our first line of clothing on bigcartel and began our campaign. It’s been a few moths since, and business hasn’t been easy, but we are more than eager for what is to come. :~)

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